Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pump aku ni..

mcm tau 2 jer yang aku dlm perjalanan nak brenti pumping.
now i only pump once a day.

stok kat peti ais tak berusik. sofeya only minum EBM once a day. yang lain dia belasah susu mamil.

mula2 pump aku ni battery dia bengong. charge la mcm mana pun dia still tunjuk low batt.
pas tu kdg2 bila turn on dia mcm teragak2 nak start, but most of the time ok.

the display rosak la plak...
so aku kena pasang timer sendiri bila pump.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i want to ketuk kepala sendiri

sebab aku lupa bawak some parts of my beloved medela freestyle pump.
normally aku assemble dulu the parts + bottle and put in my bag.
but since dah lambat i just grab all the parts (well.. almost all in this case) and stuff them in my bag.

pagi ni sesampainyer saya di store room dah bukak baju bra segala nak pump, adeh laaa.. ada parts tak cukup.


aku simpan spare avent manual kat ofis. disebabkan i know myself very the very well dan benda2 sebegini are bound to hepen.. so aku mmg spare pump manual kat ofis. (fali of you are reading, yes, the avent pump tu ko punyer la yg aku masih membuat harta)

and its true wat they say about the silver lining.

i almost forgot how sedap it is to express milk using avent manual pump. like my niece put it.. GILA BAPAK punya sedap. even sedap-er than medela freestyle.

and surprise surprise, dpt byk okeh.. i mean milk production. byk la aku rasa, considering aku tgh period, and pagi ni aku terlupa nak ambik madu (normally pagi2 aku makan madu, and aku perasan susu bertambah sikit bila aku makan madu, you may want to try it)

so yes, i am attributing the byk-ness to avent pump.

the only drawback is of course.. time. i kenot la be spending half an hour each pumping session.. kang ada yg kena buang kerja kang.. plus, if i use medele freestyle, while pumping i can do some other stuff.. multitasking kannn..

so.. apa aku nak cakap is.. if time is never your constraint, pakai ler avent manual pump. sedap dan murah!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

aku baru tahu.. and i think you need to know it too

dono if its a known fact or what.. but this is what farah told me. (since farah takder blog maka aku mem-blog pasal ni on her behalf).

according to her and her experience, its normal that first time breastfeeding mothers to experience sikit-ness in susu production, coz, as i said.. its the first time.

why i say this, is because, i is de tensen bila dgr farah bercerita pasal hasil pumping dia.. yang berbelas2 oz itu. padahal bila aku pump.. nak lepas 5 oz pun menangis nko.....

so she said, its okay.. coz masa her first time pun mcm tu jugak tensennyer. after her second baby baru susu keluar mencurah2.

like they said.. practice makes perfect.

so ladies.. let us beranak some more!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i am contemplating whether to write this

but i guess after about 2 weeks.. okay lah kot..

yeah sofeya dah start accepting formula. almost 2 weeks dah. while many bfeeding supporters will say that too bad i cant achieve the 2 yrs goal, well.. to me, i guess thats okay. sbb looking into the situation both of us in right now, mmg i think its the best thing that i start introducing formula to her now.

dulu, aku gung-ho sgt nak bfeed. semangat waja kemain. which is good lah. and i've prepared myself physically and mentally to face all the bfeeding challenges. and alhamdulillah, i am proud of myself.

well tu cerita dulu.

i forgot another important aspect of bfeeding, which is prepare to wean the baby off bmilk. dok pikir challenges to get the baby accept bmilk manjang, tak pk cemaner nak suruh dia accept formula.

really.. i tot its gonna be easy.

few attempts nak suruh dia minum. tukar formula, tukar botol, tukar teat, campur with bmilk. SEMUA TAK JALAN!

then i kindda giveup. susu tak cukup.. pandai2 ko la nak minum something else sementara tunggu mama balik.  life was stressful time ni. pasal i kindda avoid going out without sofeya unnecessarily. takut tak cukup susu nanti.

sampai la few weeks ago, my SIL came over, then her daughter (same age dgn sofeya) tgh minum formula milk in bottle. then sofeya cam nak ambik the bottle (suka berebut kannn anak aku). so i bancuh formula, in similar bottle, then gave to sofeya. ambik bantal, then suruh 2-2 ketul budak tu baring side by side and minum together.

aku bancuh 100ml, and she drank 30 ml.


then i told my maid, "esok buat lagi.. bagi minum jer susu tin ni walaupun susu saya belum habis"
then esoknya maid aku cakap sofeya did ask "cucu ma???" then after maid aku assured her "ni cucu ma laaa" dia minum jugak formula tuh.

few days after that she consistently minum the formula 1-2 times daily, but still questioning about the susu.. hehe

then sampai lah the sample yg dr khairul kasik tu habis.. then aku pun beli la 1 tin susu yg baru.

sampai sekarang (3rd week kot), she will take about 1 scoop x 3 times of formula. (jadik laaaa), and no more questions on the milk..

i am still pumping as usual. 3 times daily. everyday mmg ader balance susu yang tak habis and aku keep as frozen stok. hahahha.. after a long time finally now i can keep frozen stock again!

i intend to continue pumping.. sampai dia 2 yrs old. lepas tu aku kena pk plak camne nak wean her off totally from bfeeding..

hmm.. how la...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


bila org tanya aku brapa rege pump aku.. aku normally akan try to twist the situation by telling them kat "sini mahal.. i got it kat US so cheaper"

so kalau org tanya lagi.."kat sini brapa?"

maka terpaksa lah aku jawab "DUA HEBUU HENGGETTT"

dan as expected org akan cakap "uihhhh mahalnyer..."

ye la mmg la mahal...
bih tu ko beli henbeg LV la coach la haper la tak mahal????
ader aku komen nko bazir2 duit?


i normally would say balik "mmg aaa... tapi aku tak yah kuar duit beli susu langsung..2 tahun tuhhh.. cuba kira.. sebulan katerla RM200 (kurang2 tuh). sila darab dgn 24 bulan..."

tak ke balik modal dah tuh..

kalau nyusu *ehem* tak sampai 2 tahun *ehem* (aku ler tu) pun dah balik jugak modal..

well anyway.. byk lagi pump yang elok and affordable. ada ofismate mr p, nyusu for 2 yrs, pakai avent manual jer pun...costs only RM219.90 tau..

nak dgn tak nak jer...


hari tu susu aku kurang giler2 sampai tinggal 2 botol
pas tu aku pump giler2 sampai dpt 8 botol! wootttt!!!

pas tu...
pas tu..
pas tu....

aku demam..
aku sakit...
aku pegi team building..

maka susu aku pun tinggal SEBOTOL jer... muakakakak..

ada aku tensi?


aku dah beli setin pediasure...
aku dah saiko sofeya berulang2..

"nanti2 susu mama habis.. minum pediasure k?"

nko tanak minum... nasibb...tak der choice dah skang...

kang lapau2.. minum jugak kan?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i was about to quit but she wudnt let me...

if u've been following my previous posts, aku macam dah nak giveup of breastfeeding :(

instead of struggling to maintain the milk supply, aku dok struggling to introduce formula milk to my sofeya.

lucky me, she's a smart girl.. mmg dia tak nak langsung FM.

pasal, kalau dia telan jer FM, and kalau ikut semangat aku yang dah almost pupus.. mmg bye bye la BF!

sorry ya baby? made your life miserable for few days..

so my milk stock now dah increased to 5 bottles (from 2!). can now tarik nafas lega sikit... sikit jer okeh? blum sampai tahap selesa.. but i guess buleh la kot kalau mama nak pegi buat treatment rambut sabtu ni? hehe..

so here's the thing..

aku used to and still support breastfeeding. i do believe that breastmilk is the best for the baby up to 2 y.o. but, it is up to us individually whether kita sanggup ke tak nak go thru the journey.

-there are mothers yang lebih extreme (hope i used the right word), yang mmg exclusive bfeed (without solid) sampai anak 2 tahun
-there are mothers yang bfeed only without FM sampai anak 2 tahun, but introduced solid food.
-there are mothers yang bfeed sampai anak umo setahun or lebih
-there are mothers yang bfeed sampai anak umo 6 bulan.
-there are mothers yang bfeed night time only...

whichever category that we belong to, whether it is our own choice ke or sebab we have to, i believe none is better than the others...

sebabnyer, as i have mentioned many many times.. working mothers especially kalau nak betul2 bfeed, mmg kena banyak sabar and tabah.

stressful okeh?

kalau hangpa choose to bfeed sampai umo 2 tahun tapi lepas tu stress tak tentu pasal, and end up sakit jiwa and be such an irritating person, then baik toksah! yes breastfeeding is good but kalau you turn out to be a horrible mother.. then kasik jer la FM kat baby so that the rest of the family can have some peace of mind :)

errrm... this is purely my opinion okeh? para penyokong kuat susu ibu sila jangan marah..

thing is you yourself have to weigh the pros and cons.. of course you have to try first.. experience it.. bukan semua susah.. ada yang sonok jer aku tgk mcm cik farah kiter, all the way sampai anak sulung dia (adam) umo 3 tahun eh? ke 2.5 tahun? susu maintain jer... alhamdulillah lah kan rezeki Allah bagi?

so in my case.. honestly.. aku nak jugak introduce FM kat sikecik ni.. bukan pasal aku nak giveup.. no.. but i think this little fella is quite..hmmm.. challenging.. so i foresee the task of weaning her off nanti will be really stressful... so might as well start early.. start sikit2...

another reason.. maid aku nak balik next year.. and u know.. nak handle EBM ni bukan keje senang.. aku tak koser nak train maid baru handle EBM ni.. so current maid agreed to keje sampai sofeya 2 y.o, and by then i hope sofeya can accept FM oredi..


aku tak nak stress2 dah!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

dokter kata...

sofeya and her elder sister balqis kena HFM (hand foot & mouth) disease. :(

untuk cerita selanjutnya sila baca kat sini.

bersempena dah jumpa Dr Khairul, aku pun tanya lah dia "camner budak ni dokter, dia tanak minum formula milk"

lalu dokter pun berkata "then that's tough... mmg susah kalau mcm tu."

adehhh... sungguh ler jawapan yang tidak memberangsangkan..

dokter kata.. top up dgn makan ler byk2. kalau dah dia tak nak sgt nak buat mcm mana. he said "she's a clever girl kan.. mmg tak nak minum susu lain"

mmg ler clever sgt.. clever nak suruh aku pump and pump jugak susu supaya aku maintain kurus muakakaka.

anyway since mulut dia penuh ulcer skang.. dia agak kurang nyusu. sampaikan pagi tadi nenen aku bengkak.. dpt ler aku pump 4 oz :)

so i tot to myself.. ada la hikmah.. time2 cenggini dpt la aku kompol stok susu kan?


tadi thari aku tepon, maid aku cakap dah habis 2 botol ni.. nak ambik tak susu beku?

bih tu..takkan nak bior anak aku kebulur kan?

ambik ler...

dah ler.. aku nak pump..

doakan kejayaan aku.. ewah.. cam nak ambik exam la plak..muahahha