Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i was about to quit but she wudnt let me...

if u've been following my previous posts, aku macam dah nak giveup of breastfeeding :(

instead of struggling to maintain the milk supply, aku dok struggling to introduce formula milk to my sofeya.

lucky me, she's a smart girl.. mmg dia tak nak langsung FM.

pasal, kalau dia telan jer FM, and kalau ikut semangat aku yang dah almost pupus.. mmg bye bye la BF!

sorry ya baby? made your life miserable for few days..

so my milk stock now dah increased to 5 bottles (from 2!). can now tarik nafas lega sikit... sikit jer okeh? blum sampai tahap selesa.. but i guess buleh la kot kalau mama nak pegi buat treatment rambut sabtu ni? hehe..

so here's the thing..

aku used to and still support breastfeeding. i do believe that breastmilk is the best for the baby up to 2 y.o. but, it is up to us individually whether kita sanggup ke tak nak go thru the journey.

-there are mothers yang lebih extreme (hope i used the right word), yang mmg exclusive bfeed (without solid) sampai anak 2 tahun
-there are mothers yang bfeed only without FM sampai anak 2 tahun, but introduced solid food.
-there are mothers yang bfeed sampai anak umo setahun or lebih
-there are mothers yang bfeed sampai anak umo 6 bulan.
-there are mothers yang bfeed night time only...

whichever category that we belong to, whether it is our own choice ke or sebab we have to, i believe none is better than the others...

sebabnyer, as i have mentioned many many times.. working mothers especially kalau nak betul2 bfeed, mmg kena banyak sabar and tabah.

stressful okeh?

kalau hangpa choose to bfeed sampai umo 2 tahun tapi lepas tu stress tak tentu pasal, and end up sakit jiwa and be such an irritating person, then baik toksah! yes breastfeeding is good but kalau you turn out to be a horrible mother.. then kasik jer la FM kat baby so that the rest of the family can have some peace of mind :)

errrm... this is purely my opinion okeh? para penyokong kuat susu ibu sila jangan marah..

thing is you yourself have to weigh the pros and cons.. of course you have to try first.. experience it.. bukan semua susah.. ada yang sonok jer aku tgk mcm cik farah kiter, all the way sampai anak sulung dia (adam) umo 3 tahun eh? ke 2.5 tahun? susu maintain jer... alhamdulillah lah kan rezeki Allah bagi?

so in my case.. honestly.. aku nak jugak introduce FM kat sikecik ni.. bukan pasal aku nak giveup.. no.. but i think this little fella is quite..hmmm.. challenging.. so i foresee the task of weaning her off nanti will be really stressful... so might as well start early.. start sikit2...

another reason.. maid aku nak balik next year.. and u know.. nak handle EBM ni bukan keje senang.. aku tak koser nak train maid baru handle EBM ni.. so current maid agreed to keje sampai sofeya 2 y.o, and by then i hope sofeya can accept FM oredi..


aku tak nak stress2 dah!!


FBI said...

betul konot.... yg penting, jgn stress!!! you have done the best that you could. at least ngko boleh jugak breastfeed, kannnn?? rezeki masing2 punya bahagian konot. chin up!! :D

Konot said...

beb.. i am waiting dia baik HFM ni.. pas tu nak start balik try kasik FM.. mueheheh...

emly2175 said...

i was blog hopping from one blog to another.. found & read your blog. Nak gelak pun ade.nak kesian pun ade bila baca pasal your EBM things ni..

But i have to agree, to feed BM or not to your child is your ultimate decision. Any mother should feel relieve & thankful if she managed to breastfeed her children .Tak kisah la 2 minggu ke, 2 bulan ke, 6 bulan ke .. Memang la lagi lama lagi bagus .

I can only wish u all the best in trying to stock & increasing your EBM stocks dear. InsyaAllah, Dia maha mengetahui apa yg terbaik utk awak & anak awak.

Konot said...


i pun nak gelak kekdg bila teringat sendiri...dulu tak bfeed sibuk nak bfeed.. ni dah elok melekat bfeed, sibuk nak introduce formula pulak hahah...

i fenin!!!