Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i am contemplating whether to write this

but i guess after about 2 weeks.. okay lah kot..

yeah sofeya dah start accepting formula. almost 2 weeks dah. while many bfeeding supporters will say that too bad i cant achieve the 2 yrs goal, well.. to me, i guess thats okay. sbb looking into the situation both of us in right now, mmg i think its the best thing that i start introducing formula to her now.

dulu, aku gung-ho sgt nak bfeed. semangat waja kemain. which is good lah. and i've prepared myself physically and mentally to face all the bfeeding challenges. and alhamdulillah, i am proud of myself.

well tu cerita dulu.

i forgot another important aspect of bfeeding, which is prepare to wean the baby off bmilk. dok pikir challenges to get the baby accept bmilk manjang, tak pk cemaner nak suruh dia accept formula.

really.. i tot its gonna be easy.

few attempts nak suruh dia minum. tukar formula, tukar botol, tukar teat, campur with bmilk. SEMUA TAK JALAN!

then i kindda giveup. susu tak cukup.. pandai2 ko la nak minum something else sementara tunggu mama balik.  life was stressful time ni. pasal i kindda avoid going out without sofeya unnecessarily. takut tak cukup susu nanti.

sampai la few weeks ago, my SIL came over, then her daughter (same age dgn sofeya) tgh minum formula milk in bottle. then sofeya cam nak ambik the bottle (suka berebut kannn anak aku). so i bancuh formula, in similar bottle, then gave to sofeya. ambik bantal, then suruh 2-2 ketul budak tu baring side by side and minum together.

aku bancuh 100ml, and she drank 30 ml.


then i told my maid, "esok buat lagi.. bagi minum jer susu tin ni walaupun susu saya belum habis"
then esoknya maid aku cakap sofeya did ask "cucu ma???" then after maid aku assured her "ni cucu ma laaa" dia minum jugak formula tuh.

few days after that she consistently minum the formula 1-2 times daily, but still questioning about the susu.. hehe

then sampai lah the sample yg dr khairul kasik tu habis.. then aku pun beli la 1 tin susu yg baru.

sampai sekarang (3rd week kot), she will take about 1 scoop x 3 times of formula. (jadik laaaa), and no more questions on the milk..

i am still pumping as usual. 3 times daily. everyday mmg ader balance susu yang tak habis and aku keep as frozen stok. hahahha.. after a long time finally now i can keep frozen stock again!

i intend to continue pumping.. sampai dia 2 yrs old. lepas tu aku kena pk plak camne nak wean her off totally from bfeeding..

hmm.. how la...


toughcookie said...

congrats!! i am still trying very hard but in vain :(

Konot said...

thank you thank you TC! i'm pretty sure jada will be okay jugak.. just matter of time jer. smart girl kan.. :)