Monday, March 1, 2010

aku baru tahu.. and i think you need to know it too

dono if its a known fact or what.. but this is what farah told me. (since farah takder blog maka aku mem-blog pasal ni on her behalf).

according to her and her experience, its normal that first time breastfeeding mothers to experience sikit-ness in susu production, coz, as i said.. its the first time.

why i say this, is because, i is de tensen bila dgr farah bercerita pasal hasil pumping dia.. yang berbelas2 oz itu. padahal bila aku pump.. nak lepas 5 oz pun menangis nko.....

so she said, its okay.. coz masa her first time pun mcm tu jugak tensennyer. after her second baby baru susu keluar mencurah2.

like they said.. practice makes perfect.

so ladies.. let us beranak some more!!


FBI said...

eehh... aku ada tukang tulis blog laaaaa.... bagus nieeee :P

Konot said...


xerces blu said...

as salam..just nak share takd beza actually first timer ke atau 2nd baby..yang paling penting konsep demands and supply. If you pump regularly and frequent direct feeding insyaAllah milk production will be there always!sy dlm pantang 14 hari pump tak kuar ape, setitis je then istiqamah pumping akhirnya dpt smpi 16 oz sekali pum.. insyaAllah boleh.